Productivity Booster
exclusively for PhD Students

Too much to do? In too little time?

And this constant feeling of ‘information overload’
and guilt when you take a break?


Productivity Booster is a practical workshop designed to help you increase productivity, reduce stress, and gain greater control and clarity in your PhD research and life.

What you'll get

In this 3-day deep-dive online workshop, we’ll help you manage attention and focus, prioritize projects and actions, as well as make choices and establish good working habits in your PhD.

Thanks to this science-based, efficiency proven workshop filled with interactive exercises, group discussions, and individual advice, by the end of the day you will feel in complete control, motivated, and ready to thrive in your PhD research and life!

What you'll learn

  • How to overcome ‘information overload’ by managing attention, rather than time
  • Four key habits to increase productivity and reduce stress
  • Actionable steps to take control of your PhD project and do a perfect to-do list, to help you get things done!
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Psychologist, Neuroscientist and Founder of PhD Success

I combine my knowledge in psychology and experience as PhD researcher to help PhD candidates become more productive, and in control of their PhD journey.

Register for the Workshop

Dates: September 23th- 25th, 2020
Start: September 23th 10 am CEST

Events: Trainings, Coworkings, Social
Accessible any time upon registration


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What PhD Students say about Our Events

Fantastic workshop, great people,
well used time!

Piotr, Business PhD Students

I understood more about myself and my goals. Now I can see clearly the next steps to take in my PhD
Lucie, Literature PhD Student

Thank you for all your advice Ewa,
much appreciated!

Keira, Biology PhD students 

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